Let's Learn Arabic

Let's Learn Arabic

"A complete beginner guide to self study Arabic material and learn Arabic at his own pace. The Arabic learner will be learning simple phrases and step by step increase his Arabic vocabularies and later develop into sentences. A must read Arabic reference book for aspiring students to learn Arabic. Arabic reference book consist lots of images to help retain memory of Arabic words." Features of this books: It is based on the author's experience learning Arabic and teaching for 15 years to non speakers of the Arabic language. The sentence is written in the Arabic phrase and line by line transliteration for easy pronunciation and translated into English for fast understanding of lessons. To help students master Arabic, we place strokes for students to pick up reading Arabic skills, and the learning curve will be effective if the students’ memories and write the words and sentences. We encourage students to commit and discipline in practising speaking Arabic phrase. Questions: What foreign language to learn? It depends on your objective of learning. If you intend to travel or do business in Arabic, then I suppose learning the Arabic language does help a lot because most locals speak Arabic, when you speak their language, you relate yourself to the people around you. Is it easy to learn speaking Arabic? Yes, we have written transliteration for non speakers of Arabic to learn it easily. You need to hear from native Arabic speakers, you can definitely speak Arabic. However, writing is a process that needs lots of practice; however the first step is to have the right intention and discipline. I think the best Arabic skills you gain if you start speaking the Arabic language with the locals. Form here you will develop Arabic slang and dialects. Know the Arabic culture and get hold of more Arabic resource or Arabic audios or listen to radios. How fast can I learn a foreign language? It depends on your commitment and time. It is best to mingle with the locals. If you start learning today, you will gain something new, however if you forgo your Arabic learning discoveries, you will not gain anything for couple of years. This is the best time to learn. Why learn Arabic language? Firstly, the tourist industry is expanding, some people preferred to visit Asian countries, because it is cheaper. Why spend thousands of dollars to Europe? Secondly; there are lots of opportunities to get products cheaper and import to your country. Thirdly; When you speak Arabic, it helps to expand your business Fourthly: cheap place to spend in winter such as accommodation and food. How to learn a foreign language: "Get the Arabic handbook in eBook format, I know that our mind takes some time to process information especially learning a foreign language and the process of learning is tough and the language intricate, but the reason is that, you need to learn innovatively and use many different approach, because by just reading the book would make you bored. You need to be creative in using the foreign language phrase in a daily basis. You need to learn Arabic with passion and use the Arabic language. Speak and use whatever you have learnt into practice". Cheers to your success. GET this book. Review Arabic language book: "The Arabic language book is perfect for travellers, business people and anybody else that needs to know the most often used Arabic phrases. This book and learning system offers the fastest and most efficient method to speak and understand the Arabic that you need". What are the standards of this book? It is written according to the CEFR A1 format. A word from the author: "My book helps students and working adults who want to learn Arabic language simple and easy by direct Arabic speaking; included with transliteration and English translation. The unique advantage is that it was based on the author's actual life experience learning Arabic with his perspective and learning concept will enlighten the process of learning Arabic language, the process of learning this book is commitment of 100 hours"

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Let's Learn Arabic
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"A complete beginner guide to self study Arabic material and learn Arabic at his own pace. The Arabic learner will be learning simple phrases and step by step i
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