A Conscious Life

A Conscious Life

In my observation of lives around me, I often wonder, What happened there? I imagine what that person might have done to contribute to the success or failure of their own life. Usually, a life attracts my attention because of its exceptionalityfor good or for bad. Over time, I have come to see that many people seem to wander through life, just to wake up one day, usually at about middle age, and realize that their life had happened while they were not looking! This is a clarion call and encouragement to consciousness and deliberateness in living the life one would be proud of in the end. It is also a summary of the lessons I have learned from my own experiences or from books and other resources I have used in my quest for answers on the subject of life. The chapters are arranged based on the different stages and aspects to point out signposts, road junctions, and time lines that the reader can expect to navigate on the journey of life. It is to bring consciousness to the consideration and planning that the different aspects of life need for your own particular journey. The book must not be read in a particular sequence; you can read particular chapters or aspects as required by your particular stage, situation, or need for counsel at different times. Different chapters will be more applicable and enlightening for different readers at different times. It could be growing up and career building time for some, marriage and parenting for others. It might be about maneuvering middle and old age for yet another. In the end, no one can control all aspects of life all the time, but you can be awake and write your own story by making things happen instead of just waiting and watching them happen, accepting whatever life brings. Make your life happen.

Publisher AuthorHouse
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ISBN 1524616214
Pages 234 pages
A Conscious Life
Language: en
Pages: 234
Authors: Funmi Oyetunji
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-07-16 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

In my observation of lives around me, I often wonder, What happened there? I imagine what that person might have done to contribute to the success or failure of
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