Arabic Alphabet for Kids

Arabic Alphabet for Kids

This workbook is an ideal gift for young children learning to write the Arabic alphabet. The purpose of this Arabic Writing Book is to train your child (or someone close to you) to repeatedly write the forms of the Arabic alphabet so that he or she remembers them and can write them independently without the help of examples or guide arrows. Teaching your child a new language at an early age allows your child to assimilate information more quickly and accurately, as their brain is still developing. This notebook is specially designed for preschool children so that they can learn while having fun. You'll find: the letters of the Arabic alphabet written in medium characters so that your child, your pupil, has facilities to make the tracings . Your child will have a space in which he will have to write the letters of the alphabet himself, without any example. Colouring section: at the end of each exercise, a colouring section is available for your child, pupil or student. Super Apprentice of Arabic Letters badge to color in and retrieve once all the exercises have been completed. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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Pages 129 pages
Arabic Alphabet for Kids
Language: en
Pages: 129
Authors: Douniaty
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-06-16 - Publisher:

This workbook is an ideal gift for young children learning to write the Arabic alphabet. The purpose of this Arabic Writing Book is to train your child (or some
Arabic Alphabet for Kids
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