The Soft Skills Book

Soft skills are the skills that enable you to fit in at a workplace. They relate to your personality, attitude, flexibility, motivation, and social and emotional intelligence. Soft skills are often underestimated, yet they can be the key difference to you becoming truly effective and seen as a valued member of the team or company. In this practical and savvy guide, Dan White describes the soft skills that anyone in today's world of work needs to learn, absorb and demonstrate if they are to progress in their work and career. Uniquely illustrated and presented, the author explains each soft skill clearly, why it is relevant and important, and how to apply that skill to your working life. In short, the book provides the missing link to ensuring your job and career is successful and fulfilling.

Soft Skill and Personality Development

This book dedicated to my Father and Mother who inspired me to write this book and my friend Mr Shajeevb. U who was professor in MCA and also an H.O.D of computer application who inspired me to write this book and. This book is use full for all professional and students who can benefit from reading this book and they can use it throughout their life for career enhancement.

Soft Skills

This book Soft Skills is like a companion, guiding the students, young men and women, at every step in the job market and corporate personnel.Soft Skills have become absolutely essential, both for the growth and success of an individual as well as the organization.

Soft Skills for Career Success

The book "Soft Skills for Career Success" plays a vital role in the soft skill development and career success of young talents. Since most of the companies are giving more importance to soft skill of their employees, along with the technical skills, the topic soft skills become more important than ever. Today, as companies increasingly need to become more dynamic, interconnected and flexible, soft skills are critical. These skills important to fostering employee retention, improving leadership, and building a meaningful culture. The good news is that soft skills are learnable. This book covers all the topics related to the area soft skills, that you're sure to get some interesting nugget of wisdom from it. Each topic has a clear description which would enable the readers to comprehend easily. This book will also support young people in choosing rewarding and successful careers consistent with your personality and character. This book is an excellent tool for individuals preparing to look for or start new jobs, as well as individuals who are currently working but need to step back and evaluate their performance. It is a practical, helpful book about the employability skills which are absolutely necessary to attain glorious career success. The book style is challenging and playful, serious and engaging and a stepping stone to developing the soft skills indispensable to climb heights in one’s career.

Illustrated Course Guides: Verbal Communication - Soft Skills for a Digital Workplace (Book Only)

The Illustrated Series Soft Skills titles are designed to make it easy to teach students the essential soft skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. This text delves into the importance of effective, professional, and polite verbal communication from speaking with clients to everyday dialogue with colleagues. Each book and companion CourseMate cover 40 critical skills, providing students with extensive knowledge they can bring with them into the real world. CourseMate brings each text to life with an audio visual eBook, scenario videos, access to Career Transitions, interactive activities for reinforcement, and Engagement Tracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

What's the hard truth? Soft skills get little respect but will make or break your career. Master your soft skills and really get ahead at work! Fortune 500 coach Peggy Klaus encounters individuals every day who excel at their jobs but aren't getting where they want to go. It's rarely a shortfall in technical expertise that limits their careers, but rather a shortcoming in their social, communication, and self-management behaviors. In The Hard Truth About Soft Skills Klaus delivers practical tools and techniques for mastering soft skills across the career spectrum. She shows how to: manage your workload handle the critics develop and promote your personal brand navigate office politics lead the troops and much more! Klaus reveals why soft skills are often ignored, while bringing their importance to life in her trademark style—straightforward, humorous, and motivating. Perfect for readers at all professional stages—from those who are just starting out to seasoned executives—this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to take his or her career to the next level.

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap

Nurture and develop well-rounded team players by focusing on soft skills development People entering the professional world are better educated than ever before. Their technical skills are often off-the-charts, helping them make short work of even the most challenging tasks. At the same time, however, many of these very same people lack soft skills we’ve often taken for granted. In the newly revised second edition of Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to the New Hybrid Workforce, veteran business advisor, speaker, and consultant Bruce Tulgan delivers a practical and incisive roadmap to developing crucial professionalism, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. You’ll also find: A collection of 92 instructive lesson plans designed to break soft skills down into their component parts and teach them one manageable piece at a time An exploration of the soft skills gap, including what it means and how its impact on your organization will be felt Explanations of why you can’t hire your way around a soft skills gap An essential leadership handbook for executives, managers, and other business leaders, Bridging the Soft Skills Gap is a must-read resource for human resources professionals, team leaders, and front-line employees who deal with promising, but unpolished, talent.

The Soft Skill Black Book

The Soft Skill Black Book is a ready made handbook on Interview Preparation. This Book has highlighted the major areas which a Job Seekers should improve upon with a step by step approach. It also includes 50 Most Frequently Asked questions with suggested answers.